June 10, 2016

Healing Council: 

  • Lynn

  • Stephanie

  • Kryon

  • Saint Germain

  • Lao Tsu

  • Sananda

  • Big Mama

  • Kim

  • Sehkmet

  • Hilarion

  • Raytheon-painter of the Heavens 

  • Cannabis King Marley

A farmhouse on a large, clear property.  The council is with me and we encircle him in a bubble of light. Dark orbs manifest. Smokey, dark orbs that feel like dark energy Beings. They are constantly harassing Tommy, keeping him as befuddled as possible.

We envision a mosquito net around us so as to not be irritated by the miscreant energy. We attempt to clear them but they won’t go. I am prompted to place one teardrop of pure joy into each orb and it looks like the “Oxi-Clean” commercial where the mixture bubbles up into light. The smokey orbs morph into poison darts and drop to the ground.

We carefully put them onto a white blanket and install healing gel onto them. We then lay the Lavender Blanket of Elspeth onto them and they dissolve into the heavenly light. Tommy is entirely disoriented as the parasitic energies lift. He feels like a time bomb.

At first, to us, this time bomb felt like anger but after a few moments, it was clear that the destructive energy overwhelming him was guilt, pure and simple. Guilt from having been, in past existences, a perpetrator of the  same crimes that he so vehemently exposes in this life.

He has more than atoned for his misdeeds but has apparently harboured and fed the guilt for quite a long time. (The victims of these crimes were also past perpetrators).  His guilt manifests as a huge missile. This morphs into a very large penis.

We are looking for a control panel and I hear, “I’ve got it here”. So, we open the panel. It is round and we push on it and it pops up to reveal the workings. Kryon hits the kill switch and the phallus grows smaller until it becomes another dart. It then turns into a small steelie. Kryon blasts it with his “power ray” and it turns into a diamond. Kryon picks it up and throws it into a vortex of bubbling water to be directly sent to Father God for transformation.

Tommy is resting in peace. As we leave him, we gently cover him with the heavenly healing white blanket.

Thank you, Council.

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