June 12, 2016


  • Lynn

  • Kryon

  • Diana

  • Dodi

I am visited by Diana and Dodi with a request to help her boys. Scrolls of consent were sent to the boys’ high selves.  Immediately approving with relief and desperately happy was Will. Harry was more reluctant. He is embarrassed and sheepish as his Mother directs the healing of his overblown orange (sexual) chakra. He succumbs after having a high self conference with his brother. The sessions are scheduled for tomorrow…..

June 13, 2016

William is a small baby surrounded by five massive sentries. (Envisioning them as 10 story high metal guardians) Artificial Intelligence sentries whose sole purpose was to shield him from the parts of his soul that were pure, childlike, innocent and Holy. I made myself really small and entered the first sentry in his foot. Up and up in the elevator did I rise until having reached my intended location, I whisper in his ear, “I Love You”. This caused so much confusion that he dissolves on the spot. Evaporated. Poof. As he crumbles, I jump like a little ninja over to the shoulder of the second monster sentry. Same thing. Same result. Poof. But by the fourth sentry, their programs had auto-corrected to protect them from further annihilation.

Plan B.

They are large and impenetrable so Kryon arrives with his profoundly huge countenance. As he hits the ground a large BOOM claps and the final 2 sentries dissolve leaving this baby Will unguarded. But the baby has ropes, chains and ties all over him that instantly fall away leaving him confused. I ask Diana to step forth and awaken him with her love. She helped him to see that all that he had been taught was wrong and that it is not his fault. We bubble washed him and gave him a new garment of light as he grew into a beautiful and radiant  man right before our eyes.

At this point, our attention is turned to Harry who was clearly in no amicable state of mind to allow the further healing of the over-sexualized energy surrounding him. Diana, again lovingly steps forward, and offers quiet encouragement and statements such as, “this does not mean that you need have no sex. It will merely heal the desire for sex that is not sacred.” She coos in his ear for quite a while.  There are many agitated blackbirds around him as he then offers me a large gold coin. A bribe to allow him to keep his raunchy sexual habits. I took the coin and put it above his head positioning it so it could morph into a shower of golden light. The swarming blackbirds drop dead to the ground and become white doves as away they fly.  Finally ready, Harry turns to look at his brother, who through his nodding approval, allowed all the energy to free and be lifted.  The two brothers were then brought up to an old world type ship where they were admitted into the healing columns of light.

Harry ended up in the most glorious gold robes and the boys then promised to be the shining lights which she had always hoped. The radiant brothers then entreated me to consider helping their father….

I was unable to do so as the approval was refused.

Author’s note:

Yes, Diana’s energy is SUBLIME.

This is the only session to date for which I had suffered a negative reaction. My guides alerted me that a healing that was required to remove an AIDS virus that had been injected into my quantum body. This was easily removed.

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