November 2, 2016


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This is the story of how I was introduced to the Arcturian friends that live in an alternate dimension in my Spiritual Atmosphere.

In my meditation practice this morning I was given a great gift. A profound gift that continues to grow and thrive and evolve.

As I sat to quiet myself, I greeted Heaven as I always do. “Good Morning Father God, Good Morning Mother God, what can I do for You and Gaia today?” With a twinkle in his manner, he invites me to explore my “heart space”. So, I evoke the meadow that is the entrance of my Spiritual Atmosphere. There, amongst the wildflowers stands a tall,white door. It opens to a white hallway, down which is another door but this door swings wide open.

We can smell the ocean breezes as we approach. We enter, stepping onto white, powdery sand and in the distance I can see a beautiful horse walking along the surf en route to our location. He is a magnificent caramel color with a darker mane and radiates a gorgeous golden glow. When he approaches, he signals for me to climb atop him so we can commence on our journey. It is a beautiful day and we set off down the beach.

As we progress, the scenery begins to change as the terrain becomes more and more wooded. I begin to see more horses. They are standing throughout the woods, here and there. They are the sentries who guard this sacred entrance and Yurgen approaches a few of them. He communes with them silently and then we continue along the path. We approach a series of switchbacks bringing us down and down, into a canyon. We ultimately reach the bottom and many caves appear. But they are optical illusions. Only Yurgen and his colleagues know the real way into inner Earth.

We arrive at our destination. It is a charming lakeside cottage with a large front porch. This lovely place feels like home to me in a way that I cannot comprehend. Yurgen and I walk directly into the lake to quench our thirst and purity our Beings. It doesn’t feel like water. It is more viscous than water and it glimmers with energy and light. In addition, it falls off us as we emerge from it bone dry! Yurgen and I decide to rest for a spell on the porch.

Feeling sufficiently energized, we continue on our escapade. We travel up hill from here to a windy, expansive plateau. There, we gain the company of my beautiful snowy owl friend, Carillon. The three of us fly and ride to a sparsely wooded area with many large rock outcroppings. We stop for a while to play in a little waterfall and then continue on to cleverly disappear through just the right opening in the rocks. Once inside, we approach a “welcoming station”. They are expecting us and specialized attendants take Yurgen off to be bathed, brushed and fed.

I am directed into a magnificent room. It is round and white and open and airy and completely heavenly! It is filled with attendants who proceed to remove my clothing. After a considerable rest and numerous purifications, I am re-dressed in Royal Elspeth finery. My hair is brought up, my gown sweeping the floor. I am wearing my ceremonial jewelry including a necklace of real stars. As I hold my left forearm up, Carillon, who has also been bathed and rested, flies in and takes her regal place. I am presented in my right hand the jeweled staff and we are escorted to the festivities.

We are in a massive conical room with different delegations from around the Universe in attendance. We are seated in tiers, all of which have a view of the circular stage on the floor below. Many of the delegations are safely enclosed with their unique atmospheric conditions provided for their comfort. Some are gaseous, some are liquid, some are dark, some have protective force fields etc. There are water Beings, huge Mantid Beings, tiny Faerie Beings, and humanoids of every colour and variation. I am feeling joyous as we find our cubicle.

Once our delegation settles in, I am called down to the circular stage on the floor. An attendant arrives to collect me and we move towards the stage. I am seated in front of a panel of Beings who state that I have been recommended for enrollment in their School. They have but one question for me.

“Do you wish to enroll?” I emphatically say ‘Yes” and the gavel is struck.  It was decided.  It is done.

I was escorted back to my seat where I joined my delegation and we all enjoyed watching the numerous and varied prospective students undergo the same ceremony as did I.

When the event came to a close, I spent much time exploring this magnificent area and marveling at all the amazing Beings that were there gathered. There were Beings of every variety with one major thing in common. The beautiful light in their eyes and the pure joy with which they enjoyed their endeavors.

They were all chatting enthusiastically about all sorts of exciting things and ultimately they all took themselves to a “jump room” where a travel portal awaited to take them to their respective Worlds. I seriously just did not want to leave this place, it was so magical and I felt so very “at home”.

I was told that my attendants were ready to assist me back into my freshly laundered travel clothes. It would seem that we will be returning in the same manner that we arrived.



I love you dearest Yurgen, and thank you.
Thank You, Carillon.

Author’s note:

Yurgen, his family and the scenario by the lake is a permanent sanctuary in my Spiritual Atmosphere now. I cherish having met Yurgen’s mate, Alexandrea and their entire family. Our friendship has gained much depth since this time. I regularly visit this lakeside sanctuary to rejuvenate and catch up on the news of my beautiful Arcturian family.

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